Words with Colors

Words with Colors (WWC) is a fast-paced, challenging multiplayer game pitting you against friends, random opponents or computer AI. Each player chooses a word (4,5,6, or 7 letters long). Conquer your opponent by correctly guessing their word in as few guesses as possible.

With each letter you guess you receive hints in the form of color codes: Red=wrong letter; Yellow=correct letter, wrong location; Green=correct letter, correct location

Guess your opponents word first and win!

Features ★

  • Play against Friends
  • Play against Random Opponents/Computer AI
  • Social Chat
  • Supports both English and Swedish languages (More languages to come)
  • Push Notifications
  • 4 different difficulties



Via Dolorosa: The Way of the Cross

Welcome to the audiovisual tour of the Via Dolorosa.

Jerusalem, where old and new meet, the city that Jesus entered on Palm Sunday through Stephen’s Gate. There is a long tradition of pilgrimage to Jerusalem; beginning in the second century; the tradition of walking the Via Dolorosa started during Byzantine times. For pilgrims it was a spiritual journey, each Station is meant to impact us deeper with God’s unconditional love.

This audio-visual tour is a guide to be used in your personal journey of faith. Enjoy this guide in your own devotional times; your preparations to come to Jerusalem or while you are walking the Via Dolorosa. At the beginning of each video clip, this audio-visual guide will direct you to the location of that Station.



Do you spot it?
This game is about challenging your friends with pictures of moments from your life: your holiday, a night out, things you and your friends have in common, funny poses, art or whatever you imagine.

Get the app now and invite your friends and family: it’s a social game!

How to play: www.uspotit.com



NEW in v2.0!

  • A complete visual overhaul
  • Bigger buttons for easier tapping
  • New font for easier reading
  • Improved GPS tracking
  • New map for tracking movement while exercising

Want to boost your motivation? Make training a bit more interesting?  Then EasyRunner is the app for you.

Why EasyRunner?

Our goal is a simple and efficient app that performs the bare essentials necessary to track and monitor your exercise. Push the start button and your activity begins, push the pause/stop button again to stop and save the activity. Toggle between your saved activities to view it plotted out on a satellite map. EasyRunner is a visually pleasing, bare bones app that will track and monitor your training and exercise. By utilising the GPS in your device you can record distance and duration, current speed, average speed, and count calories.  The app features large and clear visuals to ensure easy access while training.


  • Calorie Counting
  • Current speed (km/h or mph), Average speed (min/km or min/mile)
  • Track Distance and Duration (km or miles)
  • Supports both meter and feet metric system (toggle in main app settings)
  • Plot activities on map
  • Background support
  • No registration or login required
  • All data stored locally on device

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Rusty Rocket


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Flipto (v.2)


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