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5 Ways to Banish Tech Fatigue

From Creative Market: As graphic designers, we have the privilege of being able to flex our creative muscles every day. However, the perks of making a living as a graphic artist are accompanied by the unfortunate yet unavoidable side effect of long hours staring at a...

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NASA Space Tourism Posters

From NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "Imagination is our window into the future. These interplanetary travel posters envision a day when the creativity of scientists and engineers will allow us to do things we can only dream of now." The posters are available...

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Amazing Collection of Retro Japanese Pixel Art

From "You could get lost appreciating the pixel art of Noirlac's archive for weeks. One thing that makes it especially captivating—but also frustrating—is that not a single image is sourced. Every game is nameless, a single second devoid of context frozen...

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New iPad Review

From Techradar: "The new iPad may not be the most innovative product Apple has ever created, but it's an upgrade on the iPad Air 2 and the new version makes for a fantastic option at an even lower price than iPads of years past."...

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